Tomic 90

High quality production, professionally executed at the right time.

The company specializes not only in the manufacture and installation of metal structures, but also in the production and manufacturing of details, units, as a subcontractor of companies from all spheres of the industry.

Welding metals

  • Production and installation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal structures and equipment.
  • Corpus-welded bodies.
  • Welded structures.
  • Sheet steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Structures and ware

  • Metal tables(worktops, work tables, cabinets).
  • Nonstandard racks and racks.
  • Cabinets(boxes) for electrical panels.
  • Sheds, gazebos and children's climbing constructions.
  • Animal cells.
  • Carts for inland transport. Trolleys.

Pipes and profiles

  • P-Wassers and T-Wassers
  • Hollow square and rectangular profiles
  • Pipelines and steam lines

Fencing facilities and stairs

  • Fencing and protective fencing
  • Railings, crates, fences, grilles, doors, fence panels.
  • Metal stairs.

Details and custom-made parts from documentation

  • Details and custom-made parts from documentation