About us

Production of metal ware, constructions and installations.

Tomic 90 offers its' clients from all the spheres of the industry, oppurtunity for realization of their projects made by specialized methods. Great experience in metalworking and we offer competitive prices.

Tomic 90 can offer you design and manufacturing of non-standart details and in small series and signle pieces.

Since Tomic 90 establishment, the company has specialized in production and installation of metal constructions, production of details, units and containers. Tomic 90 has and it is subcontractor of firms from all the spheres of the industry.

Three reasons to choose us:

Years of experience.

Tomic 90 has specialized in product making for industry since 1990.

Qualified staff.

Our team consist of qualified, motivated and experienced people.


We do not compromise on the quality of our work. Our ambition allows them to be performed within a reasonable timeframe.